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Hello Mini

22-year-old Rivanah shifts to Mumbai from Kolkata and notices that someone is following and blackmailing her. This someone is voiceless, faceless, nameless and is forcing her to "know her worth". Even though he is stalking her and making her miserable, she is drawn to the Stranger and soon realizes that he is actually helping her. But everything comes at a cost, as the stranger’s obsession with her and eventually hers with him leads her down a dangerous path, affecting her life and the lives of all those around her.

Genre: Drama , Mystery , MX Player

Actor: Anuja Joshi , Priya Banerjee , Gaurav Chopra , Mrinal Dutt , Arjun Aneja , Tamara DSouza



Country: IN

Release: 2019-10-01


Quality: HD

Rating: 0